Charge Delivery

With approved credit, deliveries may be charged. Payment is due upon receipt of the bill which is left at the house after delivery. Accounts paid within ten days receive a three cent per gallon discount (which is already displayed on your delivery ticket.) A finance charge is assessed after thirty days which is two percent monthly or twenty-four percent annually.

Deliveries may be paid for with cash, check, money order or a Visa,MasterCard and Discover credit card. The credit card may be used at any time but many of our customers have found having their deliveries automatically charged to the credit card is time-saving and convenient.Discount not allowed when using credit card. If you would like to have your deliveries automatically charged to your Visa or MasterCard,print out two copies of the Charge Card Authorization. (clicking will open a new page or you can “right click” and download linked file PDF) Fill them out and mail one to our office and keep the other for your records. This form will need to be completed upon expiration of your credit card.

Click for Credit Application