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Our Programs Make Getting Propane Easy

We offer pricing and delivery plans to make propane your best fuel choice and to make Lyons LP Gas Company your best propane service provider. We know that different homes have different ways of budgeting their money. We’ve outlined the benefits of our price plans below. Check out the options we provide, and call us with any questions. 

Budget Payment Plan

Some of our customers opt for the Budget Payment Plan because of its savings and convenience. The budget plan consists of twelve equal payments.  This program may be convenient for you and offer savings because of the following features: 

  • You will be on automatic delivery which means there is no need to check your tank or call for deliveries because we will keep track of them automatically. 
  • Breaks down your estimated yearly use into a manageable monthly budget payment. 


  • The account must have a zero balance to be eligible for the plan. 
  • Non-propane purchases are not included in the budget payment amount. Budget payments must be made on time. If not, the customer will be removed from the program and a finance charge will be added to the outstanding balance if applicable. The account will return to a normal charge status. 

The budget amount may be adjusted by us due to changes in usage or extreme price fluctuations. 
If you are interested in this program, call our office (1-800-544-9554) to find out what your budget payments will be. 

Click for Credit Application

Charge Delivery

With approved credit, deliveries may be charged. Payment is due upon receipt of the delivery ticket which is left at the house at the time of delivery. Accounts paid within ten days with cash or check are eligible to receive a five cent per gallon discount (which is already displayed on your delivery ticket.) A finance charge is assessed after thirty daysDeliveries may be paid for with cash, check, money order or a Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit card. The credit card may be used at any time but many of our customers have found having their deliveries automatically charged to the credit card is time-saving and convenient. Propane discount not allowed when using credit card. If you would like to have your deliveries automatically charged to your Visa or MasterCard at the time of the delivery, please contact us for details and we can setup this service for you.