How to Check a Propane Tank Gauge

1. Check your propane tank gauge regularly. This helps you know if you need a fill-up, and can also let you know if your tank is suspiciously low, indicating a possible leak. Remember, if your tank runs empty, it MUST be inspected before it can be filled.


When used as a home energy source, propane gas fuels a variety of systems and products. It offers homeowners reliability, cleanliness, improved performance and, on average, costs half as much per BTU as electricity. Approximately 8.1 million households use propane gas to fuel their home-heating systems.


PropWARM_BABYane gas water heaters cost approximately $10 less per month to operate than comparable electric units. On average, propane water heaters are 42 percent less expensive than electric heaters – over an average life span, propane gas water heaters can save homeowners nearly $2,000 more than an electric unit. Propane gas water heaters also heat more than twice as much water in an hour as a comparable electric model.


bigstock_Stainless_Steel_Pot_On_A_Gas_S_3767954Propane-fueled cook tops offer instant heat and absolute temperature control. Ninety-seven percent of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas. Unlike electricity-powered appliances, propane appliances are not affected by power outages. Homeowners can continue to enjoy cooking meals in warm homes.


Propane-fueled dryers can complete drying tasks in approximately three-quarters of the time it takes an electric unit. Some models save up to 65 percent in costs over electric dryers.